Why doctors are important to your case

Your treating doctor has an important role in your Social Security Disability Income (SSDI) claim; your doctor’s opinion is given more weight than the Social Security Administration’s examiner.  It is important when deciding to file for SSDI to speak with your doctor first.  You will want to get your doctors opinion on Social Security Disability.  Unfortunately, there are some doctors that believe everyone is capable of working, if you have one of these doctors then you may want to find another doctor.  The reason being is that your medical records are important to you receiving benefits, if your doctor doesn’t support your claim, it will make it harder for you to receive benefits.  If your doctor does support you filing for SSDI, you should establish a point of contact at the doctors’ office that may be easier to contact, since doctors are so busy in their everyday agenda.  Throughout your claim you will be requesting copies of your medical records, so you will want someone to contact who will be able to work on those copies right a way.  Also, if you have an attorney assigned to your case, you should advise your doctors’ office.