Social Security Disability Work Credits

In order to qualify for Social Security Disability Income (SSDI), you must have earned enough work credits prior to becoming disabled and paid social security taxes.  Work credits are received if you earned more income than the minimum per quarter for that year.  The 2013 minimum earnings per quarter is $1,160.  There are four quarters per year, (January-March, April-June, July-September, and October-December).  You may earn one work credit for each quarter, making a total of 4 credits per year.  Keep in mind that you do not have to earn $1,160 in each quarter to qualify for 4 credits in that year, instead credits are based on total earnings.  For example, if you worked the month of May 2013 and you earned $5,000, you may qualify for 4 work credits because your total earnings exceed the minimum requirement for that year of $4,640 ($1,160 x 4)